27 June 2007

Kurt's Nats Photos - Saturday the 23rd June

Sean Ollermann's unique F5J model - the Queen Bee!

Dion preparing his E-Eish!

Craig and the ex Adriaan Zoom. This model is super impressive

The business end of an E-Eish!

Ian Lessem and Sean Ollermann fooling around prior to launch

Dion Liebenberg E Eish - Up, up and away

Craig Goodrum's Supra

Michelle Goodrum's Estrella

Dion Liebenberg's new X-pro

Dennis Bird pondering things at the Team Bullit pits......

Derek Marusich's open plane and exquisite 2M Sagitta 600.

Former Champion Theo Wolters looking very relaxed

Oranges and lemons.......?

The Fred Wittstock 2M own design sweetie.

Spot the model name......?

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