27 June 2007

Kurt's Nats Photos - Sunday the 24th June

Fast Freddie Wittstock and Allan Sneedon in 2M - possibly for a relaunch.

Junior Victor Ludorum Will Cranmer with Anton Coetzee calling.

Will Cranmer on landing approach.

Most common gasbag at the Nats - the Spirit 2M ARF.

One of the clutter plane pounds - sugar mill in the background.

Sean Ollermann and helper in full towing cry.......

An excellent view of the Team Winston Paul Boswarva and John Coulson putting some back in to their towing......

Landing approach for a Supra.

John Monk calls for Dion Liebenberg in F5J.

Dave relaxes with Des the scorer in the tent shade.

Rose Wittstock calls the numbers whilst Jean Denley inputs the scores.

Some of the radio pound table.

Dion Liebenberg on landing approach with the E Eish.

One of the many gorgeous moldies.

Yup, there were a few Supras......

The stunning rosewood trophies hand made by Fred Wittstock.

The each pilot handout rotary disk packs kindly sponsored by Fragram (L&G Tools).

Some of the diddy bits given out to the class winners - discounted from Stick Time.

In closure - heartfelt thanks to our sponsors:

Fred Wittstock Woodworking.

Fragram (L&G Tool and Machinery Distributors Ltd).


Durban Model Centre.

Hobby Specialists.

R C Hobbies.

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