22 June 2020

Really hot slope semi scale flying from Europe

These Facebook links to really hot semi scale sloping for lunch time breaks ;-)


Baby Swift S1


Toxic pass 2019

Swift Qwantas

Little Kobuz

This Youtube link for ABm has 21 videos:

ABM Airfoils

20 June 2020

Soar-J '95 through 2004 cabinet

The F3J hand tow decade of Soar-J events featured the names of four guys and one gal and were renown for the 15 minute fly off finals. Robbie Cutler [Derek Perks aerie]took the first event very closely from fellow Natalian Dave [2m Easy Bird & Bird of Time], the only two pilots to max the fly offs that year. Rob was probably the most gifted of our Kzn F3J thermal pilots, a shame not to make it to a worlds.

The second year belonged to the amazing Michelle Goodrum, still the only lass to compete in both F3J and F3B world championships.

Dave had to wait to year three to step on to the top of the podium.

Then it was the turn of serial world champ attendees Craig Goodrum and Chris Adrian. I happened to call for Chris in one of his winning fly off and such was the intensity that he confessed he could feel his heart beating ;-)

F3J worlds trials meant much travel across Kzn and the Highveld, with one memorable event at Bloemfontein. A lot of results and stories have escaped to the ether.....

One hell of adventure and it would be nice to maybe see it reinvented in F5J form.

These are just bits copied off the defunct web site, no fancy cell cameras in those days:


My friend Robbie Cutler took the gold badge at the magical first Soar-J in 1995, made even more memorable by the Saturday late afternoon retiring of the mob to the club house for the rugby world cup and a celebratory thrash, culminating in a few "pit stops" for him on the trip home!  Karkloof is renown for its huge manicured fields, friendly club facilities and stunning weather. The locals have been well supported by the Highveld chaps, with John Lightfoot also bringing a Cape flavour to the Noodsberg event in 1996. 

Past Soar-J Winners:
1995 - Rob Cutler

1996 - Michelle Goodrum

1997 - Dave Greer

1998 - Craig Goodrum

1999 - Chris Adrian

2000 - Craig Goodrum

2001 - Dave Greer

2002 - Chris Adrian

2003 - Craig Goodrum

2004 - Craig Goodrum (F3J) & Simon Nelson (E Winch)

(Dion Liebenberg won all F5J events during this period)

Some web site pics of the mob

The Pure F3J aspect expanded to other contest forms to give more podiums. This from Soar-J  2003 being Johan de Lange, Chris Adrian, Michelle Goodrum, Craig Goodrum, Ian, Dion Liebenberg, Don Slatter, Pete Lonsdale, Fred Witstock and Adrian Baker.

The mob in front of the American muscle cars caravan - a solid supporter.

The year we hosted the late John Lightfoot from the Cape - at Noodsberg.

The late Gary Armstrong chopped his ear whilst towing Chris Adrian, who calmly stretched his tow line and launched bungee style.

Anton Coetzee rushing for a relaunch, so much part of the F3J contests.

Drew Kennedy? ;-)

31 December 2018

Bye bye 2018 - Toko style

Russ Conradt kicking 2018 to touch at Ziggynanda - Toko style!

With thanks to Lance Cranmer for the clip :-)

09 April 2018

WP send off for Dave Hooker

Kudos to Bill Williams for the Facebook posts and also supplying the braai snacks, along with big Russ. 

[If anyone has pics etc to add and no access here please let Russ or myself have]

Son John Hooker was out for a short spell from the UK and it was magic to also have his brother Mike and himself along with spouses and kids in attendance. Mike was a Winston regular with Middle Phase in the early days.

Dave's friend Mark brought along a bunch of mementos and albums for the boys, along with a bunch of Dave's slope award pennants - thanks for all you have done, Mark :-)

A big thanks also to Luke of Flightpro for doing the quad honours and lifting and dropping the ashes, with assistance from Dean and Rocky. Rocky lead the group in short prayer before the ashes were airlifted.

This first video shows Luke's quad taking off and dropping the ashes:

John and Mike with their respective spouses and lightie.

Much of the mob that came along in the mild and pleasant conditions for the send off.

John and Mike with big Russ and Rocky - thanks guys!
Whoops camera man Dave got the hats off throw ill timed for the pic but it looked pretty special in real time :-)

John holding one of the number of Dave's aeries restored by Lyndon Shorer right foreground - Mark on the left.
Dean and Luke testing and sorting the release box.

Luke and Rocky loading the ashes ahead of the airlift.

This video shows some after play with Bill's foamy glider towed up by Luke's quad.

Bill's foamy with a final pass after a pleasant airlift and flight by the quad:

26 November 2017

Rest in peace Dave Hooker

Dave Hooker was bravely on his way to another of his beloved annual pilgrimage Hermanus Slope Fly events at the tender age of 84 when he died in a motor accident.

Dannis Bird and Dave Greer hooked up again with blast from the past slope flyers Rocky Naidoo and Charles Moller at the Cremation farewell yesterday. The face open casket walk was like a punch to the chest as reality hit hard.

Mark had been taking care of Dave in recent times and had organised Pastor Joe who gave a thought provoking sermon that had a us all going as we stepped up to pay tribute. Charles reminded of Durban's biggest slope event travel to 1989 PE slope Nats, after he had teamed up with Dave on many RC slope and thermal cross country adventures.

Dave was instrumental in starting countless newbie model fliers off into the adventure that is our pastime. Russ has it in mind to do a slope session in memory of Dave and Rob Pirie who also passed away tragically, recently. Simon Pfotenhauer also organised the Hermanus slope event folk to do a special fly bye in memory of Dave.

Dave had quite an extended family but we fliers only really got to know Annie, Mike and Johnny, condolences to all of the family.

Pastor Joe about commence proceedings

The evergreen Charles Moller with Dennis Bird and Barry Lombard in the background

Mark, Pastor Joe and Barry Lombard

17 July 2017

Retro simply the best eighties Karo Ace of Diamonds (Karos)

Went searching for some old Southern Soaring Club Southeaster stuff and realised the stuff lost through a computer change at the time seemed trivial but now quite a biggie..... 
The web site per thumbnail used to be the SSC webs site and location of some history, alas now defunct.
Update: I am indebted to Peter Beretta for this extremely useful ink:
2005 to 2008 copy Southeasters

Russ recently sent me this pic of the Gary Boase refurbished Russ Karos (Karo Ace of Diamonds) that set our Kzn slope world alight in the late eighties and still to me remains the most iconic pure slope soarer of all time. I debated storing on FB for posterity but then decided to keep the filing cabinet blog ticking over with these special pics. 

Gary Boase with the refurbished Russ Karos.

Time warp back to last century and Russ launching the Karos beastie at Key Ridge (Cliffdale), this pic shows the classic lines of the Karo Ace of Diamonds to great effect :-).

04 January 2016

Retro Proton John E Foster solid balsa wing slope glider

Lance recently offered to make a version of his little snapper dapper solid balsa wing twist pitcheron sloper (the blitz'est rat up a drainpipe ever) and I countered by saying I had saved the Proton plan for an eventual project, resized down by a third and to be converted to twist twist (wingeron with all moving tailplane) instead.

At the same time I did a bit of Googling and was disappointed at how this amazing series of slopers was disappearing in to the sands of time, which meant getting back to this online "filing cabinet" to keep the "spirit" alive! I had so much pleasure out of my original Poltergeist converted to low wing and which later sparked nine versions of my own solid balsa wing Bandit, appearing at Springfield in various guises, over time.

Alas I have lost the Poltergeist and Protean plans but still have the original sold balsa wing shaping article, Proton plan and magazine extract of the Super mite, of which a few local versions were built without solid balsa wing, as per link below:

This was the John E Foster solid balsa wing series, as I knew them:

Super mite

Here is a cell shot of the scaled down Proton plan. Lance has a thing about Samurai style wings and internal bellcranks so the final product will be somewhat different but still with enough of the John E Foster fuselage styling left. ;-)

The early stages of Lance's build of one for each of us:

Bare Bones Proton after highly successful late afternoon maiden at Winston Park slope:

I will continue to add bits to this online filing cabinet, from time to time.

Neat explanation on shaping solid balsa wings:
Mark Drela airfoil shaping

Two Oceans slope aerobatics 2016


10 February 2014

Winston Swop Day/ Car Boot Sale

Hey guys - next RC Swop Day/ Car boot sale aeound the corner. 22nd Feb 9am-1pm at Winston Park, (sports Field, not slope). Hosted by The Flying Wombats of Winston - email Eric or myself to book a spot!

09 May 2013

Two Oceans PSS 2013

So far, Rudi and Dave are in to attend this excellent event flown off Chapman's Peak, to date. Full info at this link below:

06 February 2013

Full trailing edge mix with the DX7

According to this excellent UK forum post, just by picking the correct two of the six free mixers, one is able to program to Spektrum Dx7 for crow (butterfly), full trailing edge aileron and full trailing edge camber for a four servo wing utilizing a 6 channel receiver:

Four servo wing full trailing edge mix for Dx7 
Detail re use of P Mix 5 and 6 for Dx7 trailing edge mix

Just in case the forum link should die at some stage, some extracts of this useful chat are pasted below, with appreciation to the modelflying UK forum:

Spektrum DX7 Program For Four Servo Wing
Gives flaps linked to ailerons for increased roll rate, ailerons linked to flaps for full wing camber, and crow braking (using the throttle stick) with elevator compensation.
This program is based upon setting the ailerons as flaperons
The instructions are for a 6 channel receiver.
If using a 7 channel receiver you can substitute Aux2 for GEAR which then leaves the GEAR channel free.
Please note that the programmable mix numbers used MUST be exactly as stated, as 5 and 6 give a different effect to 1,2,3, and 4
Enable flaperon mixing
Right aileron to AIL channel
Left aileron to AUX1 channel
Disable gear switch by setting gear servo travel to 0%,0%
Right flap to GEAR channel
Left flap to THROTTLE channel
Set up PMIX5 as THROTTLE master to GEAR slave with setting of 100%,100%
This links both flaps together.
Crow braking
PMIX1 throttle master to elevator slave for crow braking elevator down compensation.
Rates are top 0%, bottom – whatever you need for your required down elevator compensation.
Offset value +100%. This sets the “mid point” of the throttle to stick full up and crow is activated by pulling the throttle stick down.
PMIX2 throttle master to flap slave. As the ailerons are set up as flaperons, the flap channel controls the ailerons as flaps. This gives both ailerons up movement for crow braking.
The throttle stick drives the left flap directly and as the flaps are linked by PMIX5, both flaps will move when the throttle stick is moved.
Full wing camber
The ailerons are set up as flapperons – use the flap system setting for the correct amount of camber and reflex, operated by the 3 postion flap switch.
Set the aileron travel first.
PMIX3 flap master to throttle slave this is the flap movement for camber and reflex.
As the flaps are linked by PMIX5, both of them will move.
Flaps moving with ailerons
PMIX4 aileron master to gear slave – moves right flap with ailerons.
PMIX6 aileron master to throttle slave – moves left flap with ailerons.

Had a bit of luck - well a lot of luck really- in setting up my Typhoon slope soarer in that I managed to achieve crow breaking, ailerons moving with flaps for full wing camber, and flaps moving with ailerons for increased roll rate.

There was one  puzzling thing which worked very much to my advantage so today I "borrowed" the receiver and battery from my Fusion and investigated.

Programmable mixes 5 and 6 are different to 1, 2, 3 & 4 in that the trim levers will adjust both the master and slave servos. 
There is another benefit of this feature.

With a mix set up on either 5 or 6, and a further mix on 1, 2 , 3 or 4 set up with the master of the first mix as slave, then both master and slave of the first mix are activated by the second mix. 

As an example, the flaps of my slope soarer are set up on the throttle and gear channels with p-mix 5 linking them together (throttle master and gear slave)  so that both flaps move from the throttle stick.

The ailerons are set up as flaperons so that they work off the three position flap switch to alter wing camber.

I have p-mix 2 with flap master to  throttle slave which links the ailerons (working as flaperons on flap channel) to flaps (on throttle and gear channels) to give full wing camber.

 Because the throttle and gear are linked on p-mix 5, and p-mix 2 has the throttle (p-mix 5 master) as slave, both flaps move together.

I originally discovered this by pure accident and it saved me a very valuable p-mix.

It only works if the first p-mix is on 5 or 6 and the second p-mix is on 1, 2, 3 or 4.

18 January 2013

It is fate, September Fate

This just had to prompt a these days rare blog post for me. Some may recall the post below and Vic Schroeder kindly following up the the much needed information regarding "Lowrider", including a copy magazine lead, which culminated in me sourcing the magazine and plan for a one day scale to RC project...... To me this is the ultimate beauty in aircraft, no matter if originally penned as a free flight model.

Now, consider that this was penned in 1987 by the designer as a free flight cartoon scale version of the Loving WR1 racer, below, heavily influenced by the Peter Fonda movie "lowrider". The magazine plan article is a joy to read never mind anything else.....

The Loving has indeed been scaled to RC flight but it is Lowrider I one day wanted to catch the essence of, so you can imagine my gob is well and truly smacked to find out full size beat me to it, two and a half decades later!

 This aerie, September Fate, is just crying out for someone to model it!

Couple of update links for the RC model version:

IC RC pylon:
scroll down basinrace blog for IC RC pylon September Fate

EF1 RC Pylon:
Design and build of EF1 RC pylon September-Fate