31 October 2007

Planes used at Switchblade speed

Thanks to Eric Arnaud for prompting that the plane names would also be useful:

SWITCHBLADE F3F SPEED - 27 October 2007

1 Russel Conradt 1000 Toko
2 Brad Conlon 860 Toko
3 Paul Boswarva 788 Miraj
4 Simon Nelson 670 Cobra
5 Ziggy 341
6 Bill Williams 286 Vanessa

1 William Cranmer 1000 Secco Fling
2 Dennis Bird 211 Bandit

1 Russel Conradt 1000 Fast Freddie
2 Dave Greer 833 Wing Warrior
3 Simon Nelson 611 Zagi pink
4 Ryan Nelson 444 Zagi bashed
4 Ziggy 444 Zagi stars
6 Grant Somers 333 Zagi yellow

29 October 2007

Coupla pics ahead of Switchblade results

Top: Scatterlings of Africa "Choice brand condoms" everywhere.....
Middle: Organiser's kit
Bottom: Will with Secco / Fling hybrid

22 October 2007

A BIG glider

So you think you built a big glider in your garage - think again. This friend of mine in the UK is part of a WW2 military reinactment group; and as they had a bunch of guys with the German Filshirmjager (Paratrooper) outfits he decided to build a whole full scale german glider in his garage just for a photo shoot! Nuts or what.