23 February 2011


My appreciation goes to ex Durbanite Vic Schroeder, the Jart man, for doggedly tracking down this long sought little beastie for me, more power to chat groups and blogs. This really made my morning!

Back in the early eighties as a struggling audit clerk, I picked up an American magazine in the CNA, which yours truly could not afford to buy at the time. The model plan was a small 30 inch 020 powered craft that had apparently been scaled down from a larger model. Drooled over the stunning little red plane till closing time then tried remember the issue number etc as I was determined to blow up this sleek little model for other use but, alas now decades later trolling through Google and plans list has not brought forward an old listed plan or even a model or full size version that even approximates that natty little plane.

Thus I am hoping to describe the model using parts of other familiar craft. The features are a composite of:

1. The red and white Corsair colour scheme with the same bent wing (what is the opposite of gull wing?) but even more pronounced wing bend, almost Stuka like, with the shrouded wheels exiting the wing bend somewhat like the less pronounced bent wing (also red and white) of the Comet. 2. The cockpit was sleekly set way to the rear ala a very slim version of the pale blue Magician in the middle pic.

3. The very slim fuselage not unlike the little red and yellow craft in but obviously rather coupled with the afore-mentioned Corsair / Stuka bent wing and a canopy top straight lining to the rear like the Magician.

Not having a shred of artistic ability has frustrated this image stuck in the mind and I would be verrrrrrry relieved if some kind soul with a long memory could point me in the right direction to find something on this elusive little gem.

14 February 2011

More foamy buzz for your buck

One gets some damn fine tips off RC Groups. The foamie Fastcat in the pic was a cheapie off the net that was "ok" on the Velocity 2700kv brushless motor, but did not set my world alight like the Velocity itself.
Then I read about this gem motor on RC Groups, where some speed freak had his Fastcat taking off vertically like a rocket on four cells:

Turnigy 2836 Brushless 450-Size Heli Motor 3700kv
Dimension: 28mm x 38mm, 53mm(with shaft)
Weight: 70g
Max performance;
Voltage: 3-4S
Current : 30A
Power: 700W
For 450 size Helicopter

A quick Google will no doubt identify the motor source.

I must caution that I did build in a main spar for the Fastcat, up front, nevertheless deciding to proceed on the side of caution and try the motor first with three cells instead of four, using my trusty Hyperion 1800mah pack. A 4.5x4.5 prop was the smallest I had but would have preferred closer to 4x4.
The first test was literally at sunset in no wind. I must say the first test rev woke up the butterflies in the tummy and I decided to launch asap before I chickened out. I have never had a small model head for the heavens from the hand launch so fast, like this one did, in fact almost disappearing in to the gloom before I could react to close the throttle. The first flight was magic but the pilot probably a bit too tense and throttling in short bursts, just in case anything started to overheat. The combo was only just gently warm after landing, whew.
Another sunset launch last night offered some enjoyable jet style flight and, whilst it does not make the howl noise of the Velocity, it is obviously going fast, verrry fast, for a foamy. I suspect four cells may just be too silly fast for yours truly.....
Thus the onset of the grin which just won't go away....... ;-)

For those contemplating this R200 plane and R200 motor, a couple of minor points:
1. The roll rate with the common sub micro servos is scary. It does not look a helluva of physical movement on 100% rate but you will still get twinkle rolls without frightening yourself on 70% roll rate, be warned.
2. The elevator is huge and the quoted movement same but do not be tempted to reduce the gross elevator throws as the craft is magically pitch smooth and badly needs the control movement on landing approach, or you will run out elevator. Maybe the quoted CG is too forward but the plane flies fine inverted so I will leave be.
Otherwise this has to be the best buzz bang for buck el'cheapo combo that I have enjoyed so far.

06 February 2011

Mid Phase Video on Inanda Hill - NE Wind Slope

This video was shot on the NE slope of Inanda Hill. After a fair walk with all the kit we sent the Mid Phase off. This video shows an approach over the houses with a stripped starboard servo (discovered after the flight). The plane also overshot the hill and landed nose first into the mud on the lee side of the slope - luckily not into the valley below to be retrieved by some lucky local....

This video was shot on the SW slope of Inanda Hill. It was quite rainy as can be seen by the droplets on the wing. Also note the the wings occasional vibration.....

RC glider tow

This video was inspired by Simon Nelson. The Turnigy mini camera was mounted, rotated by 90 degrees clockwise on the wing top of the tow plane (hence the strange orientation). The glider was towed some 20 m back. Unfortunately the tow line took flight preventing other tows being done.

02 February 2011

Two Oceans Slope Soarers 2011 aerobatics

Whew, Toss managed to offer up scary perfect weather for the third year in succession, probably nigh impossible for sloping anyhwere else in South Africa.
The 55kmh awesome wind for the Friday practice at Smitswinkle was only topped by the perfect aerobatics blow for Saturday at Red Hill.

The new generation moldies were so impressive up front that we thought slam dunk but the good pilots came through with a variety of of craft. Mark Wolfe got back to winning form with his seventies Primeus, big Louis even surprised himself with an excellent second with the Toucan (yes, bog stock Anton Benning Models Toucan), Steve Meusel third with the OD two week quick build 8020 using a Bobby Purnell fuse and Kev Farr was top moldie in fourth with the Vector.

A useful spread on results, glorious weather and the normal TOSS warm hospitality made for another magic weekend.