11 January 2012

RIP Sheldon Mcglone

Sheldon passed away at last night after a battle with, to use his Facebook term, the big C. The whole Durban aero modelling community sends its condolences to Pam and the boys.

I first came in contact with Shel at DMAC in the '70's and then, apart from a brief visit from Shel and his Pivierre thermal glider, met up with him from time to time at the various hobby exhibitions where the modular model trains mob also displayed. Sheldon got really big in to small model trains and RC racing yachts!

Russ and Sheldon became an item at the various DMAC thermal soaring competitions in recent years, where he started with a two metre glider and progressed to a couple of electric thermal gliders and then a more serious "Shadow" competition RC soaring glider, where he enjoyed much success. Russ also got Sheldon involved in the evening foamy flying at Kings Park and Sheldon certainly had maximum value out of that little plane.

Good buddies are as important as family and Russ saw this last journey of Shel's through, with Pam and family. Russ even coaxed Sheldon out of his sick bed to go hobby shopping a few short weeks ago and Sheldon reciprocated by coaxing Russ in to the new no go (for Russ ;-) hobby emporium in Westville!


An early mention of the Mcglones at DMAC in 1974

The team orange Witblitz racing team of Dave, Adrian and buddies Russ and Sheldon.
The man himself relaxing at Summerveld.

Sheldon with his foamy park flier - probably the best aero modelling value ever!
Sheldon with the Shadow competition glider at Karkloof Country Club.

09 January 2012

KZN slopers doing it for themselves

This one specially for the "builder of the model" rule fan, John Monk ;-)

Much as I am relieved to have some molded slopers available for us less building gifted slope fliers, I have much respect for those folk building their own. One of the great features of the Two Oceans annual aerobatic competition has been the success of folk like Mark Wolffe and Steve Meusel in achieving excellent results using low tech and home crafted models.

It is thus great to see the Durban area top slope pilots Michel Leusch and Russ Conradt doing some build your own creations ahead of TOSS 2012. Russ reported a successful maiden flight of his new "Quest" at Springfield yesterday and we look forward to seeing Michel's new beast in action soon.

Michel's biggie sloper planform

Finishing touches still ongoing for Michel's beastie

Underside of Russ's new "Quest" SD8020 section sloper

Russ with "Quest" at the successful maiden flight - Toksix influence!

The combo we look forward to seeing fly in due course.