04 August 2009

Dis 'n dat

Those looking for an economical one off trophy, instead of the flaky and expensive gold plastics need look no further than these natty personalised clocks dreamed up by Dieter Schauerte of the Natal Radio Drivers Association. A damn nice award for just under R50 a pop. Will have pride of place on the trophy shelf, the box just to stop it rolling around at present.

Been scouring the net for something new to give the kind of zing experienced from the Velocity 2 and up popped Russ Conradt with these stunning glassed and pre-painted wings from Craig Baker at Cloudbase Composites - Russ's Blue and white beaut at left:


Complete with sharkie tips and motor pod, it would be criminal to gouge holes in the glass finish for the gear and bright spark Mark Phillips came up with the idea of fitting the Velocity deck and canopy on to a home shaped foam base and nose cone and thus hold the gear on top (not inside ;-).

Mark holding Dave's Igazi (now christened Vigazi ;-) to illustrate the amazingly perfect fit of the Velocity deck - an order has already been dispatched for three such decks and time will show the success of these super fast moldie wings, reputed to have all the zap of the Roullete with less of the terror!