29 February 2012

Hi Guys,

After losing Vanessa V at Inanda some time ago, I've been a bit down in the mouth. To perk me up, Erik gave me a glass fuz he had moulded & a set of very thin wings he'd been experimenting glassing using a vacubag. As I've always wanted a Toko - and this was similar - I was delighted. Working hard - learning about the different uses for cotton flox, microballoons & lite filler, I finally got her ready last night for today's SW blow. Well, she certainly did not disappoint! Stable, Silent & Fast - a lovely plane. I'm really looking forward to getting acquainted.... We have christened her the SPEEDFREAK !

06 February 2012

Start place and next step for the Sportsman aerobatic guys

Dean was talking Mike Smith through the basic part of the Sportsman’s schedule with his Graphite 2M on Saturday – nice place for the guys to start then the question was posed, what next? Mark Phillips also asked if there is life between Sportsman and Expert.

For those wanting to have a dabble, Toss club league conveniently has a C, B, A grade listing, from which much of the recent event maneuvers were drawn. Start with C and progress to B and you should be well armed for future participation in Sportsman class.

The January event blurb also includes ribbon diagrams for most maneuvers, if you are in any doubt:

A Grade
1Down Drop2Figure M
3Horizontal Eight with 1/2 Roll4Four Point Roll
5Rolling Eight61/2 Square Loop with 1/2 Rolls
7Four Point TOSS Roll8Twisted Loop
9Rolling Loop10Sharks Tooth

B Grade
1Double Immelman2Cuban Eight
3Slow Roll4Reverse Cuban Eight
5Three Rools6Inverted Eight
7Alternating Roll8Vertical Eight
9Square Loop10Horizontal Eight
C Grade
1One Roll2One Inside Loop
3Straight Inverted4Two Inside Loops
5Two Rolls6Stall Turn
7Split S8Immelman
9Half Reverse Cuban Eight

01 February 2012

Two Oceans Slope Soarers aerobatics 2012 continues the magic

The story from this side is intended to be shortish, suffice to say that the TOSS team yet again improved on an already immaculate event. Some verbage and Russ's pics will be added as and when time permits.

RESULTS (Kzn Springfield Chickens in bold italics):
 1. 100.00% Dave Lentle (Flightpro Flying Fish).
 2.   86.20% Marc Beckenstrater (Aldij)
 3.   83.89% Luke Johnson (Voltij)
 4.   81.58% Dean Halley (Luna)
 5.   69.54% Anton Benning (Toucan)
 6.   54.20% Mark Phillips (Minivec)
 7.   52.45% Hans van Kamp (Foamy Fish)
 8.   46.78% Schalk Human (Kipper)
 9.   45.24% Noel Cochius (Kipper)
10.  32.35% Ryan Matchett (Kipper)
11.    9.80% Rudi Smook (crashed)

 1. 100.00% Michel Leusch (OD Maistro)
 2.   93.40% Marc Wolffe (Primerius).
 3.   92.81% Louis Genade (Hans OD)
 4.   87.27% Kev Farr (Vector 3)
 5.   83.82% Christo Le Roux (Derago/Toucan)
 6.   75.29% Steve Meusel (OD)
 7.   69.47% Malcolm Riley (Aldij)
 8.   64.78% Dave Greer (Minivec)
 9.   33.00% Russ Conradt (Quest-crashed)

Inter-provincial trophy (best two Expert plus best two Sportsman)
 1. 348.675 KZN (Michel Leusch / Dave Greer / Dave Lentle / Luke Johnson)
 2. 341.950 Western Cape (Marc Wolffe / Louis Genade / Marc Beckenstrater / Anton Benning)

Feedback from first time attender, Dean Halley:

"What my thoughts were about the TOSS 2012 event and the trip as a whole;

It was a mad rush to get Luke and my gliders safely packed into the transport box and rush to King Shaka Airport on Thursday 26th Jan, but we made it and arrived in Cape town to a howling south easterly +/-35kt, we went to the flat and unpacked the planes as fast as possible, just couldn't resist a sundowner flight on the wrong side of signal hill, it was awesome the KGB was out in full force doing vertical rolls for about 100m up and then diving between the trees, the guys at Dave's flat could see the wings glinting in the sunlight, the landings were quite something.

The Friday morning we made our way to some of the local hobby shops and a few other shops, after a late breakfast or an early Lunch we headed for Red Hill, what an awesome place to fly, the view is something I cant begin to explain to you and the wind and lift was even better, "THE LANDING ZONE" what's that, you come round the back in good lift and try position the plane over a nice bush and then flaps away and full down elevator dropping it in the bush and then you go and find it.....LOL

The Cape Guys put on a well organised competition on Saturday morning with nice fresh southerly winds at a new site called Smitswinkel, I didn't see any shops there so don't know why they called it that but another breath taking view and flying straight over the sea, what an experience. Having never flown there we launched straight into the first round, the Luna did me proud as it didn't miss a beat, although you can ask my caller Luke my fingers were a blur on the sticks as the nerves got the better of me but held it together to have a very good first ever round of a comp at a first time ever flown site for me.

The Sunday I think I was quite relieved there was no wind as we were quite wind swept from the previous two days of sloping, so we had a photo session at Komajie and Prize giving at the famous Dixie's in Simons Town.

What an awesome event we need more of those during the year, bring on the September Zigginanda/Switchblade event we need lots of local entries and support, lets start practicing sessions on the slope!!


These pics from courtesy of Mark Phillips:
Early morning view from our Cape flat

More of the early morning view

Russ and Michel practice day at Red Hill

Just look at the lush vegetation behind the practice folks.

Even Mommy Phillips hung in at the Red Hill practice Friday!

Russ about to launch Michel's Maistro for practice.

Maistro shows how slope knife edge should be done!

The gorgeous backdrop to the Red Hill slope flying.

The wind was more fierce than the sun!
The orange shirted Luke and Dean skulking away with hectic hang overs.

The Sunday Soetwater view.

Rascal sporting the latest in head wear at Soetwater ;-)

Most of the mob with most of their aeries.

One for the Shark dive sponsor.

The Durban travelers, Luke, Dean, Dave, Mark, Russ Michel and Rudi.

The Toss brigade, we salute you.

Michel carrying his winning Maistro.

Some of the accommodation at prize giving.

The ever cheerful Louie.

The very special Bill Dewey with his pretty special lady friend.

The orange shirted Luke and Dean, hung over from the previous evening.

Judge Kurt receives his gift from Chairman Christo.

Judge Andy Andersen receives his gift from Chairman Christo.

The cheerful judge Claude receives his gift fro Chairman Christo. 

Sgt Major CD Bill receives his gift from Chairman Christo. 

Rudi receives a special prize from sponsor Southern Hobbies for a challenging week end.

Steve Meusel had a quiet weekend by his standards - first Toss aerobatics he has not placed in?

Fourth placed bridesmaid in Expert - Kev Farr, receives his awards from Christo.

Third in Sportsman Luke receives the beat trophy.

Second in Sportsman Marc receives his awards from Christo.

Dave Lentle receives some of his many prizes.

Dave Lentle receiving the First in Sportsman trophy.

Big Louie Genade receives his third and Experts awards.

Marc Wolffe receiving his second and Expert class awards.

Marc Wolffe receives his second in expert in trophy.

Michel Leusch receives his expert first place awards. 

Some of the Durban mob having some Sunday evening Signal Hill fun.
The sun sets on the forth even more awesome Toss 2012 event.

The Durban lasses Claire and Natalie enjoying the Signal Hill Sunset.