26 November 2017

Rest in peace Dave Hooker

Dave Hooker was bravely on his way to another of his beloved annual pilgrimage Hermanus Slope Fly events at the tender age of 84 when he died in a motor accident.

Dannis Bird and Dave Greer hooked up again with blast from the past slope flyers Rocky Naidoo and Charles Moller at the Cremation farewell yesterday. The face open casket walk was like a punch to the chest as reality hit hard.

Mark had been taking care of Dave in recent times and had organised Pastor Joe who gave a thought provoking sermon that had a us all going as we stepped up to pay tribute. Charles reminded of Durban's biggest slope event travel to 1989 PE slope Nats, after he had teamed up with Dave on many RC slope and thermal cross country adventures.

Dave was instrumental in starting countless newbie model fliers off into the adventure that is our pastime. Russ has it in mind to do a slope session in memory of Dave and Rob Pirie who also passed away tragically, recently. Simon Pfotenhauer also organised the Hermanus slope event folk to do a special fly bye in memory of Dave.

Dave had quite an extended family but we fliers only really got to know Annie, Mike and Johnny, condolences to all of the family.

Pastor Joe about commence proceedings

The evergreen Charles Moller with Dennis Bird and Barry Lombard in the background

Mark, Pastor Joe and Barry Lombard