19 March 2009

Sun going down earlier and earlier on the FX

Russ and I fast learning that the recommended motor combos for small electrics are way too poepie for the slopers - this FX Illusion was recommended 400 to 450 and flew like wet paper bag on the 450 - it was destined for the storeroom.... Then another FX turned up at Tuesday evening flying and the light bulb clicked on. Bolted in the now favourite 480 and difference was night and day (pun intended). Now decent sized loops from straight and level are a breeze. Quickly tested as the sun set and FX now sure to be one of my favourites.

11 March 2009

Name the plane again

Piet, heres another tester for that ageing grey cell matter - See if you can win your beer back with this one - I want to know the name of the original plane and the manufacturer.

Anyone else who knows what it is is welcome to chime in - but no free beer for you I'm afraid.

Okay, no takers I see! For the curious amongst us, its a SIG Samurai.