31 July 2007

Freebie Wing Profile program and useful sections

Often being asked where to source a freebie wing profile program and useful sections, this becomes a useful place to keep the links. There has also been a fair bit of RC Groups comms on the PW wing sections for flying wings by Peter Wick and these useful sections, along will the profile program and sub directories of other sections are downloadable here:



The larger 1.6 meg exe file installs the program (only 252 k) plus data files. Always use "Section choose" rather than file open and remember to change the default subscript option "cor" to "dat" for the many available sections out there. The 252k program itself easily located on the net by searching for profile and Frankie Arzu.

The natter on the interesting PW sections here:


Of interest in the RC Group comms was the "Windfreak" thermal flying wing from the late 70's and early 80's, probably the only flying wing I read of in RC Soaring Digest in succeeding in beating the normal gas bag thermalers at the time. Really looks the part for gas bag builder like Fred Wittstock....

Bigger pic and plan files here:

An electric verison in Italian (run through Babel) at this neat site:

26 July 2007

Little Foamie Trainers

Been looking out for a little Hermanus slope fun trainer for my God daughter, in time for Hermanus 2007. The "mini" version of the classic Dave Hooker "Sagitta Eater" rudder elevator plane being in mind. There has been a fair bit of RC Groups discussion on converting little free flight foamies to RC but these always looked grisly and unappealing, especially to a little girl child. Then these little gems came up in discussions and might be good fun for a hundred buck investment - even got that micro "Sagitta Eater" look....... ;-)

MINI RAY (Euro 10.59)
No. HC 1120A Rainbow HC 1120B Red HC1120C Smarties
Technical data
Wingspan: 515 mm
Length: 420 mm
Weight: 30 g

For a larger life look:

These along with some really neat looking craft from this on line shop:


In the gas bag "Sagitta Eater" look like category, this little 60 incher off the interesting range really took the eye:

RAY ARF (Euro 83.09)

Serious F3F/F3B slopin'

The 2007 F3B worlds feedback noted the use of the Rotary Drive System (RDS) in going to the "nth" degree for wing cleanliness on the winning craft. Being quite dubious about the ability of that system to crank 90 degree flap as currently deployed for crow/butterfly braking, I consulted boff John Lightfoot who quickly set me right and referred to this excellent 2002 article, located on the SSC web site:

"It's decided by the combination of the angle of servo movement and the angle of the crank — 30º to 45º for ailerons and 80º for flaps." The article makes it patently clear that the crank angle and servo degree travel can achieve this and definitely worth a read for those new to the serious soaring world.

Which brings me to the next eyebrow raiser - there has been talk about F3F and I must admit to being tickled with Russ's large thermaller on the new Verulum/Inanda site, probably the ideal South Wester F3F spot by virtue of the longer face necessary for a F3F course, without the scary landing implication of the SW side of Switchblade. Then I happened to extract a bit of the MGA calendar for a newbie and spotted this date lurking, long forgotten by myself:


Whilst slope racing has always been fun, could the current interest in moldies suggest it is time for some local Open and 60 inch F3F?

This would have to be supported ahead of time as it implies slope registration to the facilitate the SW option, along with Switchblade for the NE. (No feedback then nowt happens, as before. ;-)



23 July 2007

Verulum / Inanda slope site on the KZN north coast

Russ's sneak peak from this past Saturday. Brian Duckitt, Les Ward, Derek Dillon, Dion Thompson and Dave Greer trying this quite unique remote slope spot on the KZN north coast. Remote but actually closer by tarred road than Springfield for us north coast folk. The locals rare but fortunately there on this occasion to retrieve Derek's Miss America EPP Bee.

The township looks way closer in the pic than reality as the mountain is pretty high and the uniqueness is cause the table top area is terraced for pilot butts and provides a surprising dead zone from the chilly South Wester. Landings are a doddle for foamies but require discipline for crunchies to land out of the dead air rotor zone. The lift is eerie smooth but constant and the west side has quite an intimidating drop toward the Inanda dam area - only Russ having experience of that West side, which blew his socks off......

Early days and exploration goes on before settling on a North East option in this slope rich area, located by Dion Thompson through Google Earth.

06 July 2007

Weasel Pro

Just want to let you guys know about this wonderful little kit that I have owned and flown for the past 6 months or so. You will not find more fun in a glider than this one - guaranteed. Earlier this year, Arthur van Niekerk and I went to Tamatieberg outside Volksrust, and when all others were falling out of the sky due to no lift, the Weasel just kept on, riding the ridge wave quite happily. When the wind picks up, simply tape some lead under the CG position, and off you go. Combat is no problem either, because the others just can't catch you, and if the do, the recovery is quick and simple because of the Weasels light weight (13oz). Truly a versatile design by young Michael Richter of Santa Barbara, USA.

My kit came to me new in box from a chap in Nelspruit who owned two, and was willing to sell one in order to buy the local version called a Palooka (now renamed a Vamoose), which Arthur bought for comparison purposes. According to him, there is not much difference between them, but the Weasel is definately the better of the two. We are waiting for Arthur to finish his Vamoose (yes, he has one of those also), and then it will be interesting to compare all three. Watch this space.

Mine was put together by Jacques Pretorius, my neighbour, because my building skills are nil, and was recently recovered by Arthur, following the pounding it has endured from my (lack) of piloting skills.
So, do yourself a favour and order one today from Michael.(http://www.dream-flight.com/) with the exchange rate at 7:1, plus customs charges, you should land one here for R550. The cheapest way to have fun with your clothes on. Do eeeet!!