25 May 2009

This past weekend

Russ spent another pleasant Sunday with the thermal guys at Summerveld and snapped this beaut gasbag Sagitta 3M scratchbuilt by Ted Smith. Nice to see craftmanship in the modern age.
Another pleasant Saturday dawn patrol with the electrics, trimming up for the Witblitz racing at DMAC's Gromor on 31st May. Such a pleasant inexpensive sport fly option, as well.

Mark Buckthorp will have no problem knowing which is left hand down for the pylon turns...... ;-)

18 May 2009

Bump starting an all too quiet blog

Michell Leusch showing how foamy flying should be done in the evening.....
Foamy going walkabout.

Russ Conradt's Witblitz for the May 31st racing.

Eric Arnaud's Witblitz for the May 31 racing.

Mark Phillips with one of the first Witblitz's off the Kzn production line.

The natty caps and T shirts Russ produced for the 2009 Sungazer slope scale event.

The 6.25 metre ASW22 being launched by the team of Sheldon, Russ and Adrian.

Stan Hausmann prepping for a maiden flight at the neat looking Umhlanga club field near Verulam.

Buzzer delux Velocity - the noise terrified Dave on launch but the flights were pure bliss......

Extract mail from John Dorse re the May 31st Witblitz racing at DMAC:
The racing event scheduled for DMAC(Gromor)on SUNDAY 31st MAY is now definitely ‘go-ahead’(despite the unfortunate clash with an air show up the north coast) & whilst we will start & finish(?) with Quickie racing around the new course the central attraction will be the ‘WITBLITZ CHALLENGE’ where glider pilots will attempt to outshine the power guys. For this purpose we will revert to the existing pits & fly a 2 pylon course in front of the pilots & spectators. To be fair we will have one or two practice runs in order to familiarize pilots & officials with the racing routine but there after it will be down to business. You will be required to identify which team you support & the top 4 pilot scores from each Team will be added to determine the result.

For those who have not seen or flown the Blue ray / Witblitz you are really missing out as these are really pleasant, low cost,’ ugly-as-sin’ little racers that are definitely not toys. They are cheap to make ,easy to launch, go like hell , hold a steady course (properly trimmed) & land surprisingly nicely .We would really like competitors to enter into the spirit of this ‘one design’ form of racing & all we ask is that you meet the 610x 200 mm wing. 14 sq cm firewall, 320 gram minimum weight & 1800kv motor rules. 3S batteries are also necessary. Make them from whatever you want to but, clearly, Depron foam has a definite weight advantage, is better for storing strawberries in, & will look like c—p after 10 flights. If you have to change fuselage moments to tame them we will not have a problem but lets keep things simple & fair &, above all, introduce some competitive fun into pylon. (We really want to see the high end super performance racers with high aspect ratio wings, super sleek fuzz’s etc, etc. but pilots present will adjudicate with thumbs up or down & scores will not accumulate for the challenge for the ‘downers’.) Try to keep the model looking like a ‘witblitz’& make them easy to see!

Judging from some of the mails doing the rounds the Gliding fellows have really taken up the challenge & we see some really interesting & gaudy colour schemes .I also need to remind the power guys that glider pilots have the advantage of practicing speed runs & build nice light aeries but haven’t learnt that 11x6 props are the secret to real speed! After DMAC’s inaugural event I feel sure that Cato Manor & Shongweni Clubs (or others) will be inclined to host events in the Durban area perhaps even on a rotational monthly basis. You really don’t need a lot of space to fly a ‘Witblitz’. Let’s see what happens at the end of the month where technology will be shared & we can plan events further.