25 March 2011

Friday waffle

After tracking and ordering the Lowrider 30 plan and magazine, the postal system has completely failed..... So looked at something assembly quick with the SD 8020 for the slope aerobat play, as the Kzn conditions are so mild and pleasant at the moment, plus hoping to combine a wing order with Mark as the courier cost is as much as the sheeted cores! First up was the old Ridge Runner fuselage tucked away and then scratching around for the tip chord, not quite there yet - although estimating 240/180mm at the mo. [Indebted to ole Dave Hooker for confirming this dead wrong: tip chord 160mm. Centre chord 265mm sanded flat to 255mm to suit fuselage mounting. Ailerons 40mm. LE only swept]. Then an old file pic of the Greco Hurricane caught the eye. At least I have the root and tip chords and the fuse is ultra similar to a bog stock Ghostbuster fuse so the plane a dead simple build with a pre made SD8020 instead of SD8000 wing. The blurb says the wing is straight single taper but one maybe gets the impression there is slight sweep back to the trailing edge – or is it an optical illusion? Parameters: Root chord 190mm Tip chord 100mm Each panel length 750mm