23 December 2009

Ze Ultimate parkie aileron trainer?

Mark picked up this little gem parkie, called "Rainbow" from Fun Fly for a measly R260. It was covered in clear wrap so he replaced with iron on covering and passed to Paul. Paul then bolted the little cheapie Witblitz suppo motor (nogal), cheapie green 800mah pack and two strips of sticky lead to balance, it has a very short nose obviously originally intended for something far more gufty. After a couple of sorting sessions, Paul is now happily trundling around at telephone height on half throttle. The craft is absolutely viceless and will not stall despite the neutral elevator trim - it happily hangs on the prop at 60 degree nose up angle and simply will not bite. Much can be attributed to the friendly fat wing section but we are still at a complete loss to explain the lack of stall, it just mushes and refuses to drop a wing - magic for novice aileron flying.
Mark's E 2M RE now with a commercial pylon and some colour trim, all ready for some Drakensberg flying. Also tested fine and looking forward to the sms when it achieves its first 20 minutes thermal flight in the Drakensberg. These pre work 6:00am flight test sessions go so damn quick and it is suddenly 7:45am and time for work!

21 December 2009

Breakfast run - pylon mount E 2M RE

The mgasa chat on a RE 2 metre postals for 2010, maybe (just maybe) bolstered with launch height limit e power, plus the need for Drakensberg holiday play plane, sparked Mark Phillips to cobble this interesting looking 2 metre together.
A Baker Rascal fuselage mated to a Baker Impulse(?) two metre wing provided the base for a completely home brew pylon fashioned out of foam, resin and glass cloth. Power was provided from an ancient Dualsky 400 brushless and a Rhino 1250 pack from a Witblitz racer.
To say this writer was somewhat dubious pre the sunrise launch would be an understatement....... Even the builder was moved to say a test was a must before applying the cosmetic finishes to the model.
Ir was decided to hand launch to trim and the plane flew out of launcher Mark's hand true as a die and kept going and kept more going, so the throttle was tickled on and eventually opened wide open in to a true off the drawing board first flight. The Dualsky 400 easily prodded the plane up to a thumb suck "launch" height in well under 30 seconds, much to the pilot's surprise.
The plane flew amazingly well and covered sky most efficiently. There was an ever so slight initial nose down pitch if the throttle was poked open, probably a nice feature from a launch stability aspect.
Landing revealed that thread lock was a needed as the motor mounting screws were coming loose - unfortunately something that could not be resolved on the field and the day was called after a couple more test flights.
I had always regarded pylon mount as iffy but this result on a real cheapie power option really impressed and is an obvious improvement on nose mounts for spot landings - definite food for thought.....

18 December 2009

Winston turns it on - 16 December - Russ's perspective

There are some days when you make the right call, and yesterday was one of those days. On the way to Gromor, a call to Dave prompted a diversion to Winston Park and maiden the Toksix. What waited for us could never have been pre-empted. Booming lift to the heavens saw a call to a sickly Mark who promptly arrived, with better half Claire in the navigators seat, (a trip to the Pot and Kettle for a woman is never to be sneezed at, no doubt the budget took a dent). Mark thoroughly enjoyed his session with the Hooker Mid phase although a superb landing by Dave, with a fluttering fin trying to convert itself to a v-tail due to partially coming loose.

By his own admission, Dave acknowledged that we don't use these occasions when the wind comes through. Dave certainly enjoyed getting back to flying the cross tail Prodij, and a twiddle on the sticks left me wondering if I shouldn't be getting one of those for the Toss event.

With my new project Toksix, I was apprehensive to say the least, for me personally Winston has always been a venue with the most difficult landing zone, I have broken my Toko's there, too many times to mention. The raw balsa fuz of the Toksix was sure to go home in pieces, but the fear was taken away with two perfect touchdowns. Now to glass the 200gram structure and paint in time for the Toss event.

The best was saved for last as a magnificent Black eagle cruised up the hill from low on the left, being bugged by the ever present yellow billed kites, I was a bit slow in getting my camera, but its wingspan was easily as big as Dave's Prodij.

What an enjoyable couple of hours with friends and my daughter Kelly even enjoying the peace of this truly remarkable piece of hill.

Till next time, I am in the workshop building Phase Six fuzzes for two of my mates!!!!

A very satisfied sloper

17 December 2009

Project X "Toksix" takes to the air

The 16th provided sunny and windy conditions that derailed a visit to the Gromor fly-in but provided perfect conditions for a mid morning visit to Winston Park for the bare bones maiden of the Russ Conradt developed and built "Toksix".
The second shot captures the launch a fraction of a second after leaving Russ's hand. The Winston Park site still a magic local venue and the conditions were perfect. The aim was for an ideal blend of wing performance and fuselage aerobatic shape and the combination proved flawless with Russ now moving to the fuselage glassing final stage.

A pat on the back for those working out how the name evolved. ;-)

It was also the first perfect occasion for Dave at last getting quality time on the Prodij and benefiting from some trim advice from Russ. Well worth the wind burnt face the day after!
We were joined by Umdloti Electron's Mark and Clair Phillips and Mark had the best ever session on his "Hooker" Phase. The final pic of Mark revelling in the perfect conditions.

KZN heli day at Durban Model Centre's Valley Club

There is hope for Natal fever ridden Kzn after all. Youngster Will Cranmer put a lot of graft in organising the Durban Model Centre Helicopter fly in at the Valley club.

Much hard work had been put in to the manicured grass field, complete with peg frequency control and neat litter bins.

09h00 Saturday and the car park surprisingly full already, given the threatening weather. The pilots gathered together and Will gave a most competent briefing, with string emphasis on the safey element. The out of otown vehicle registrations included Howick and Newcastle.

This pair of natty electrics caught my eye and gave an excellent display, to complement the larger gas 3D versions that were mind boggling!

Some of the pit area, a gazebo is the answer for the expensive kit.

All areas neatly sign posted in the beautiful setting.

The only heli exception was Michel Leusch's awesome Sukhoi. Probably not too far from the heli concept as is spent 98% of the flight hanging on the prop!

The Sukhoi pulling away from the dam, moments after splashing the water with the rudder.

Post flight chat.

Yup, you even knew where the port a loo was.
Full credit to Will for initiating the event, which will surely lead to other local events of a similar type.