21 July 2008

Key Ridge slope

It took me seven weeks to get back to Key Ridge, but here are some pics as promised..

Bradley on paraglider while his mate buzzes him with a "Gentle Lady" type glider

South side of slope

The top (only just accessable with a 1.4l front wheel drive vehicle) Ask me how I know

View of N3 highway, looking south, with main slope in front (good in NE winds)

And when theres very little lift, we fly a Weasel

Another view south of N3 and Alverstone in picture (where the landing strip for light aircraft is)

The North slope

South (access) side with local "wildlife"

Main slope again

We had company! Grass fire visible as well as FM tower on top of Alverstone

With not a SW wind in sight and having threatened to visit Key Ridge in a NE for a while now, we finally got there this weekend. Easy drive up the N3, a short stretch of good dirt road, and a steepish section of, in places, rocky dirt track brought us out on top of the hill next to the trig. beacon. Great views all round, especially of the N3 going up and over Key Ridge.
Found Alan Sneedon and 2 mates already there on Saturday, mainly flying chevron wings, while Arthur flew his Palooka (local design) and Fling, Mike a Brainstorm and I flew an old QB 1200.Lift was variable and light but we flew with no mishaps.
Sunday, with a slightly steadier NE, we headed up there a bit earlier, and again found Alan and Co, plus Conrad and Dave Hooker, Bradley and a whole bunch of other guys whose names I didn't get, including a paraglider. Everything from a F3B ship to a Weasel was flung out over the N3, and a good afternoon was had by all. Very impressive was a Windrider Fox made from EPP, which really carved up the sky.Plenty of chevron wings in attendance and even some combat attempted which added to the fun. Easy retrievals down the front side, and a big flat open space behind for more controlled landings. If this is the average winter flying conditions on this slope, then roll on summer!Definately worth another visit soon, and lots more in summer....
Had a few full sized aircraft fly over while on finals for the private landing strip in Alverstone.
My apologies for the lack of pictures - left the camera at home both days. Will post pictures when available. See you on the slope!