11 December 2010

Midphase landing in the misty-rainy conditions. Dave's, Paul's and Russ' cars in the distance. Note the yellow blur - Mark Philips in his highly visible yellow jacket!!!!

Shot of Inanda dam from the midphase.....Dave flying just off the left leading edge of midphase

Russ....flying the midphase has his eye on Dave.....dead ahead.....

4 Springfield chickens flapped on over.....er....well....actually drove up to Inanda Hill on Saturday 11 December 2010 for a slopie session in the South-wester that showed up.....
Here is an aerial view from the Midphase of the 3 cars on Inanda Hill.......

03 December 2010

Springfield remembrance fly and braai

Hi everyone,

When I sent out the first e-mail (Below is the pre-amble), I would never have believed what the result would have been. Three modellers who touched our lives in different ways, Pete and his amazing scale planes, Arthur and his engineering abilities for his original scale helicopters and that out and out affable character, Lynn. I believe everyone of us who came out of the woodwork yesterday was there because of our PAL's. To name a few, Gary Boase, Mike Thompson, Hynie, Fred and Rose, it was awesome to see you folks "Topside".

Ok, so we didn't get to Inanda Mountain, but Will's Hill was certainly second best option, (I learnt yesterday that Ziggy and William discovered this "Mountain", Ideas for a new name, please),.
It was magic to see so many people gather and enjoy the lift, if you didn't enjoy flying, at least the company was good.

Where to next? I propose that we set up the same get together every 3 months, using the option that we excercised yesterday between Inanda and Will's Hill, that helps balance the travelling for Johan and the PMB lads,


I would like to thank Johan and Wi-Fly (sms's) for helping me drive yesterday's event, and to those who didn't pitch, sorry, but you missed out on and awesome day,

Till next time

Oh, please forward any all the your pictures to dave.greer@monteaglegroup.com and to me twsc@mweb.co.za, I would like to get a montage printed for our PAL"S families.