01 November 2007

KZN slope sites

This comes up often so thought it useful to post the response to an enquiry regarding KZN slope sites on MGASA - there are others like Olivier's Hoek Pass but these are the more well known coastal and inland sites:

Registered ones off the SAMAA web site:

KwaZulu Natal Springfield Slope - DMAC Springfield, Durban North
Russell Conradt 082-822-7887 twsc@... 30o 59' 04'' 29o 49'
KwaZulu Natal Switchblade, Fudu Ridge Slope - DMAC Pinetown-area
Russell Conradt 082-822-7887 twsc@... 30o 43' 10'' 29o 53'
KwaZulu Natal Winston Park Slope - DMAC Winston Park/Pinetown
Russell Conradt 082-822-7887 twsc@... 30o 48' 08'' 29o 49'

This web site is a useful guide to those not registered but previously well flown by RC slopers sites:


Arthurs Seat, Central Berg
Beacon Hill (Ifafa)
Bulwer, Southern Berg
Monte Seel (Valley of a thousand hills)
Ingomankulu (Camperdown)

Cliffdale/Key Ridge was the site for the Kzn slope Nats in the 70's and is regularly flown but efforts have not been successful for tracking the owner for registration protocal permission.

This site has much waffle on the newly revisited Inanda/Verulum sites, with particular focus on "Derek's Dale" which has pleasant access from the North Coast:


Simon is taking steps to register Derek's Dale.

Favourites ranking from most preferred for me would be:

1. Switchblade NE
2. Bulwer
3. Dereks Dale SW
4. Springfield NE
5. Beacon Hill SW
6. One Gum (no go anymore)
Do not enjoy:
7. Arthurs Seat (like being on the moon)
8. Ingomankulu (poor access and too many paragliders)
9. Monte Seel NE (stunning view but uneasy for retrievals)

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