16 February 2008

Out and about with the Springfield Chickens

Be careful out there, Russ's Mazda car with Simon's Audi wheel after loosing two tyres to a nasty little rock at Switchblade - odd fit so very carefully driven home. Sean Oellerman preceding this with similar and Dave thought he knew the drill but drilled a new tyre as well......
The short lived but oh so enjoyed sordjourn to the Crusaders club for some Monday night park flying.....

A total change of pace to some retro control line flying on the second Saturday morning of each month. Dirk, Doug and Dennis, all with planes.

ARF meets control line with the immaculate classic Nobler from Great Plains.

Doug Irvine in full cry with support from Dirk Meyer - Dirk a very keen control line flyer who will be going to the Worlds this year.

Glen Conradt, Russ's boet back from the states and assisting with lines.

Doug Irvine prepares to launch Dennis Bird's pretty old OD, whislt Dennis trots off to grab the handle.

Russ listening attentively to Doug whilst Dirk and Dennis sort Dennis's plane.

Dirk's smooth flying plane from up country - both Doug and Dennis impressed after having a fly on it.


Anonymous said...

Whare's the Control line venue in Durban??

davedurbs said...

Please note that this is on Corobrick private property and should only be prior arrangement with Dirk Meyer.

The loose arrangement at present is the second Saturday morning of the month, commencing 8:00am.