21 April 2008

Springfield Chickens out and about part 2 - U control line at Ashley sports field (Pinetown).

Russ Contradt's wow (very) looking new Score ARF, flew magic until a bellcrank pushrod forced an inverted landing, fortunately only a wrinkled cowl and bumped the fin off - nothing serious and looking forward to next time.

Conrad from Cape Town readies the combat craft, shown in the hectic video at the bottom. Conrad and Dirk headed for the world champs in France in June.

Dirk flashing up the combat with assistance from Russ and interest from Glen.

Doug Irvine's homebrewed little CL Ringmaster along with his scaled up RC version - natty!

Doug with Pete's 1969 craft, the old toppies creeping out from the wookwork with loud planes, from all over ;-)

Some of the high speed team racer stuff that Dirk and Conrad pay with.

Dennis posing for the overseas family with his oldie - also very loud!

An ideal venue for CL, with nice shady spectator seating. A bunch of interested folk were in attendance, including old timer Dave Hooker and that man Nev Tangye from Model world. A very keen lightie and his Mum stayed on and were asking Doug a bunch of questions, nice to see. A new small RC helicopter man around the corner at Ashley centre, along with the Highway Wail reporter were in attendance as well.

For broad banders only, not a great cell movie but man does it show the frantic action with a streamer cut followed by a tail chomp, along with oos and aahs. Dirk and Conrad were really fired and anyone a bit jaded with slope speed should try this for a buzz. Repeat attendance at this magic venue is iffy but the CL lads are going persist with the second Saturday morning of each month, at various venues. [This a MP4 movie and Russ has alerted that it is thus not viewable by all - a quick Google shows some useful places to download off the net].

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