14 November 2008

Name the Plane

Piet, your chance to win your beer back! Can you name the sloper in the picture? Also, more importantly, does anyone still own one locally. If you do, let me know please - the designer and creater of this strange looking design is asking.(pictures welcome)

Here you go!

Sorry Piet, Mike May beat you to it. Enjoy the Millers Mike.
It is, of course, a J.A.D.E. Telos from some twenty years ago. Richard Jarel is spooling up a limited re-run of these kits if anyone is interested. Here is the link http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=955809
(Thanks Dave for the link in the Comments section)
Mine is already ordered - any more takers? Oh, and anyone aware of anyone local who still has one still?


Mike May said...

It is a Telos I will have a Millers

davedurbs said...

Some nice brackground info here:

glenglider said...

One very cold Millers coming up for Mr May. Cheers - to your good health Sir.
Sorry Piet, maybe next time!