04 December 2008

TOSS slope 2009 - sneak peak visit to Red Hill 2 December 2008

An idyllic little Simonstown to visit for a spare day (hint hint), packed with interesting views, including this magical view from bay side eating house. The slash up the front of the mountain in the rear is part of the 9 kilometre (yes) road to the top of Red Hill!

Stunning view from the slope spot to across to the town itself - made all the more interesting by the rare continual Navy firing practice on the visit day.

A quick call to Kev Farr revealed that this was indeed Wayne who has sneaked out for some mid week flying with the scale Fox. Wayne kindly talked me through the flying and landing zones and explained the area in general.

The Toss boys have gone to much trouble to clear this lading zone, although the "fyn bos" to one side is still a favourite with the locals.

Wayne with his flap equipped Fox - his landing was a total doddle with flaps in the guess 30km wind. Just a bit of discipline and flaps called for. Unfortunately the cell rang just as I was about to snap the landing approach pic.

Centre view from the pilot area of the slope - as uninterrupted air as anyone could dream for....

More of the popular "fyn bos" landing area to the town facing side of the cleared landing area.

Parking area for the limited entry. Nice view spot in itself.

Kev had mentioned to Russ that no session is complete without a visit to "Dixies" down below. A watering hole dripping with atmosphere and looking on the stone throw away sea. See reflection in the window.

Man, this one event I am looking forward to. The airport to Hill top distance was an easy 50km (with a swerve of to Kennilworth), including the 9k to the top of Red Hill.

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KevCape said...

Hi Dave

You took the long and windy road up Red Hill it appears... time for a new GPS?
Although very scenic it is the rather long way around.
Next time try the Scratch Patch turn off... on the main drag, before you get into Simon's Town and before the actual indicated Red Hill turn off... follow that up and turn left at the signs that show the way to the navy bases, go through the middle of those two and then you will come to the same space in a much shorter time, about 2km's instead of 9km's. Just a wee bit of a tip to save some petrol.Will Google earth and post pic of directions. Look forward to seeing you guys in January.