01 June 2009

More pics from the DMAC Gromor Pylon / Witblitz day 31 May

Gail setting up race control at the magic Gromor field.
Look carefully at the packet wording - John Dorse came armed with a whole brood of his moldie Witblitzes..... ;-)

The glider guider verses pylon legend squad of John, Dave, Pete and Russ. Pete's balsa versions were immaculate but look carefully at John's with foam ribs inside molded glass sheeting, along with the natty little glass fuselage - neat!

The mob, including the pylon lads. Kevin, Clive, Wayne, John, Dave Pete and Russ.

Wayne firing up his quickie - had a leery moment at pylon 1 when one half the V tail folded but kept his head, shut the motor and binned it well away from the field.

Gail Dorse ran it all in a most pleasant and enjoyable manner.

No kidding about John being armed with brood of Witblitzes, see the simple but neat glass fuselages.

John Dorse with Tim Potter - Tim giving it all the thumbs up.

Kevin firing up his Quickie for a race.

The scenic DMAC Gromor field is the ideal setting for Witblitz pylon racing.

DMAC Chairman, Clive Gager with his Quickie - has a Witblitz in the box and has threatened to take us on at a future date. No good in the box Clive - and rev up yer mate Rob Roe, as well!

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