08 July 2009

Spittie over Skye - stunning pic to click on

Dear Paul,
Yes, there are a few PSS fans in my club who'd like a Sea Fury as well :-) Great looking model and site.While we have little in Scotland to rival the superb SA soaring sites (and photos), a friend of mine took his PSS Spitfire to the west coast earlier this year in the vain hope of flyable weather in April. The God of Slope Flight granted him one day, which produced one of the best in-flight backdrop pics I've seen for a while. He's about 650' above loch level, not far from the Isle of Skye at Lochcarron. Says it wasn't an easy hike laden with everything, but the views alone were worth the pain!Apologies to dial-up fans for the image being a whisker bigger than normal, but I'm sure it was Dave Greer who mentioned that 30" monitors are entry level in SA these days.... :-)Thanks for the link.
John Barnes
Paul Young wrote:
Iz wantz a sea fury!!!!....... One day .....

On 07 Jul 2009, at 16:34, "Dave Greer" <
Dave.Greer@monteaglegroup.com> wrote:
Always nice to revisit the blogs over coffee, have a squiz at the Sea Fury wow.....


Tigger said...

Wow! I am in awe at this beautiful Spitfire & shot.

Anonymous said...

Awesome pic guys, great site and man what a view!
Definitely worth the effort. Great to see some overseas sites. Post more please