20 May 2011

Sunrise with Mark's new camera

Saturday past saw the usual magic early morning weather and Mark was able to wield his new larney camera. We were chuffed to have a first visit from Mike Summers who revved his yellow Piper Cub around like a pylon racer - memories of slope days gone by!

Simon performed a successful first fly with the Internet plan e-powered Mustang, which looks to be a winner on the cheapie motor combo.

Mike Smith's maiden with flat plate wing balsa magazine pullout plan Whizzer was damn impressive - who needs balsa ribs......?

The rest is a rogues' gallery of the Saturday morning regulars, who seem to be on the full circle back to crunchy models. Morne has progressed quickly to even practicing the novice pattern with the trainer, which is spurring Paul on with the Fun 400. Russ has upped the PT19 to 480 power and the 19 does the Sportsmans pattern with verve!

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