03 October 2011

FPV Quadcopter flying

Here's my first recorded videos of the weekend's FPV quadcopter flying. For those who don't know, FPV stands for First Person View, where I fly from a live video feed sent from the quadcopter, which I then view through video goggles on the ground. It's as if I'm sitting inside the aircraft.

The first video was at Umhlanga Radio Flyers Club, and the second was north of Durban at Beachbums Backpackers. The wind was blowing strong this weekend so the video is a bit bumpy, but it was fun!


Snowman said...

Wow thats looks great, I am an engineering student and our final year project is buildign a quad copter with a wiresless video feed. What components did yo need exactly to send /recieve video. Do you have also a approx cost or link to the parts. Thansk a lot.


Johan Moelich said...

Hi Jeremy, head over to www.fpvlab.com and ask questions there, the guys are very helpful. My username there is Moelich73 if you want to contact me directly.