14 November 2011

more e practice for Toss 2012 slope aerobatics

Reminder - next pattern day is Dec 11th. Venue to be confirmed.

KZN Pattern Day 
6 Nov 2011
Howick MFC

Des Cooper, Bruce Clark, Mike Cox

                                                                       Rd        Rd2     Best 
1          Angus McInnes                                   55,0     62,0     62,0

1          Lynton Milner                                    58,6     61,7     61,7
2          Stan Hausmann                                   61,6     60,4     61,6
3          Dave Greer                                         57,7     60,5     60,5
4          Steven v Niekerk                                52,8     58,1     58,1
5          Colin Addis                                        54,8     55,4     55,4
6          Leon Coetzee                                     43,0     54,0     54,0

1          Mark Savage                                      63,1     66,1     66,1
2          Arthur Eggar                                       54,8     57,4     57,4
3          Clive McInnes                                    57,0     56,1     57,0
4          Alex v d Spuy                                         -      55,0     55,0

1          Jason Barker                               69,0 (P)           69,0 (F)           69,0
2          Neil Allen                                    65,2 (P)           56,8 (P)           65,2                                        


Windguru was emphatic that there would be no flying all weekend because of drizzle, but fortunately for us it was wrong, and we had cold but flyable weather even with some blue skies, until 2 pm. Thirteen entrants, many from Durban, were so keen on entering that they braved the grotty day they saw from their homes! Our entries are now growing bigger, and I think we will start future rounds at 8 instead of 9 to accommodate this.

The new A12 pattern for Masters was a big hit. Everyone liked the gracefulness of this, and its level of difficulty. The F3A pilots also approved of the new P13, and Jason liked the chance to fly the choice of P or F for round 2. There were no entrants in Advanced. Time will tell if people want to move up to this from Sportsman, or perhaps they may prefer to jump up two steps to the Masters class, which is well supported.

In Novice we were pleased to have Angus McInnes do a good job, and get 62%.

Sportsman was led by Lynton Milner, who is not yet quite used to flying the glo powered "Venus" he acquired from Ian Morris, but still came top. Second place was a welcome new face to the pattern scene, Stan Hausmann from the Umhlanga club, flying his large scale "Beast", after only a few practice flights of our pattern. Dave Greer surprised us with his neat flying of his small electric "Diamante".

In Advanced Mark Savage flew a new "Wind S" 2m into an excellent 66%. The others are still getting up to speed on the new pattern. Alex borrowed my plane for the last round, and flew it without a test flight.

In F3A Jason astonished us by not only getting in a good P pattern, but had managed to learn the very difficult F pretty thoroughly as well in only four weeks! This bodes well for his serious push to try for team selection for the 2013 World Champs. Jason and Arthur have both got new 2m "Wind S" planes, which are not yet trimmed out to compete, making this design the plane of choice it seems.

Thank you very sincerely judges for your long travel to get to the event, and thank you Howick MFC for giving us a bowling green smooth grass runway, and a very welcome braai.

Neil Allen

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