06 February 2012

Start place and next step for the Sportsman aerobatic guys

Dean was talking Mike Smith through the basic part of the Sportsman’s schedule with his Graphite 2M on Saturday – nice place for the guys to start then the question was posed, what next? Mark Phillips also asked if there is life between Sportsman and Expert.

For those wanting to have a dabble, Toss club league conveniently has a C, B, A grade listing, from which much of the recent event maneuvers were drawn. Start with C and progress to B and you should be well armed for future participation in Sportsman class.

The January event blurb also includes ribbon diagrams for most maneuvers, if you are in any doubt:

A Grade
1Down Drop2Figure M
3Horizontal Eight with 1/2 Roll4Four Point Roll
5Rolling Eight61/2 Square Loop with 1/2 Rolls
7Four Point TOSS Roll8Twisted Loop
9Rolling Loop10Sharks Tooth

B Grade
1Double Immelman2Cuban Eight
3Slow Roll4Reverse Cuban Eight
5Three Rools6Inverted Eight
7Alternating Roll8Vertical Eight
9Square Loop10Horizontal Eight
C Grade
1One Roll2One Inside Loop
3Straight Inverted4Two Inside Loops
5Two Rolls6Stall Turn
7Split S8Immelman
9Half Reverse Cuban Eight

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