17 July 2017

Retro simply the best eighties Karo Ace of Diamonds (Karos)

Went searching for some old Southern Soaring Club Southeaster stuff and realised the stuff lost through a computer change at the time seemed trivial but now quite a biggie..... 
The web site per thumbnail used to be the SSC webs site and location of some history, alas now defunct.
Update: I am indebted to Peter Beretta for this extremely useful ink:
2005 to 2008 copy Southeasters

Russ recently sent me this pic of the Gary Boase refurbished Russ Karos (Karo Ace of Diamonds) that set our Kzn slope world alight in the late eighties and still to me remains the most iconic pure slope soarer of all time. I debated storing on FB for posterity but then decided to keep the filing cabinet blog ticking over with these special pics. 

Gary Boase with the refurbished Russ Karos.

Time warp back to last century and Russ launching the Karos beastie at Key Ridge (Cliffdale), this pic shows the classic lines of the Karo Ace of Diamonds to great effect :-).

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