28 June 2007

Dennis Bird's Nats 2007 pics - also prizegiving

Russ Conradt and and F3J winner Chris Adrian checking out three of the team Winston lads of Brad Conlon, Ryan Nelson and John Coulson.

Ten year old Ryan Nelson concentrating hard in F3J Open.

Team Winston's fourth member, Paul Boswarva with the 2M killing machine, Mini Graphite.

Mission control for transmitter pound - manned by Dave and Jean Denley and Rose Wittstock, assisted by the neat little 35 meg scanner Lionel Brink kindly brought along. Des the scorelogger sits at the ready.

Whew, John Monk got us out of confusion jail with his magic hand launch glider briefings...... ;-)

Izak Theron just finished launching - we think being assisted by Lionel Brink, our MGA chairman.

Oom Gert Niewoudt who flew himself "stukkend" (five flights in a row on the Friday) but all worth with scooping the Victor Ludorum award for the Nats.

The safety area with Wolfie Steffny - he covered much walking distance, being at the furthest end wihtout a murmur, unlike the youngsters who whined a lot the first day then got the idea the from the second day on. Hope Wolfie's Merc is fixed by now.....

The ever cheerful and blast from the past Derek Marusich who sneaked the 2M class from under the noses of the mini Graphite armed Team Winston, armed with his bog stock Sagitta 600. Derek's missus spent the entire event with team Theo of Derek, Theo, John and young Andrew Plint -and really added to the occaision.

Prize giving time from Rose Wittstock with Dion Liebenberg scooping the F5J electric class.

Prize giving time from Rose Wittstock with evergreen Dennis Bird scooping the Electric Winch Open class.

Prizegiving time from Rose Wittstock for Craig Goodrum in winning the F3K hand launch glider class. Craig had some very kind words to say about the twelve years success of the Midland events and strong encouragement for the future. Dave the auditor in his Hobby Specialists / Fragram shirt still pondering the scores but ever thankful to Iron Lady Rose and Fast Fred for being a pillar of strength through the Nats build up - which included broken down Audis, dud printers and fractured sleep. ;-)

A very special one - Rose awarding the Open overall winning trophy to 15 year old junior Conrad Klintworth, following up on his Natal Champs win. Not present at prize giving was Chris Adrian, who won F3J and the title of SA Champion.

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