29 June 2007

One for the PSS lads - only broadband users

Those who saw Pete Milne's PSS (power slope scale) Bell X-1 way back will enjoy this one - kindly forwarded by Sheldon McGlone. Huge movie but well worth the download for broadband users.


"Pretty incredible stuff! Make sure you watch the whole thing. It even drops a model of the "Bell X-1," Chuck Yeager's passing the speed of sound "record breaking flight" from 1947! This aircraft runs on four chainsaw motors. (Realistic 4-cycle B-29 "scale" engine sounds! Imagine how much time, effort, skill and money these guys have put into this thing! It takes two (2) pilots to fly it; one (1) for the B-29 and one (1) for the "Bell X-1" U.S.A.F. "breaking the sound barrier" experimental rocket-powered aircraft."

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