25 August 2007

The blog mentioned a while back the rare contest success for a flying wing against the traditional thermallers, in the form of the Wind Freak. Well, the current excellent RC Soaring Digest has an article on the not dissimilar Windlord with creditable results from the 1977/78 era. Better still was the same craft taking a magic third place in Nostalgia at the current US Nats, after leading the first four rounds!
Over to the RSCD folk for linking (and their pics)- refer pages 56 to 61 on the Windlord:

"We're pleased to announce the September 2007 issue of RC SoaringDigest is now available for downloading from the RCSD web site<http://www.rcsoaringdigest.com>. The September issue highlights arenow available at <http://www.rcsoaringdigest.com/highlights.html>.This issue has 62 pages and a large number of color images. The PDF is approximately 9.8 MB in size.If you are using a dial-up connection and desire a smaller RCSD PDF,consider downloading the highly compressed version of this issue(about 3.6 MB) from the RCSoaringDigest Yahoo! groups Files section.The image quality is reduced, but download time is significantly less.You must be a member of the RCSoaringDigest Yahoo! group to download these compressed PDFs."

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