25 August 2007

Electric jet no match for the post

Disappointment at the out of stock ARF foamie Aerocats meant some net surfing, which came with this cheap and cheerful depron Baby Cat option at the Electric Jet Factory:


Unfortunately the depron parts were sandwiched tween two cardboard sheets and mailed with the terms Fragile and Do not Bend, kinda asking for punishment and below is the gentle reply to the supplier:

"Dear Robert

The Baby Cat arrived reasonably safe and sound out here in Africa - unfortunately the two slabs of cardboard may be ok in the genteel US but the flat parcel resembled the local undulating valley of a thousand hills by the time I got to see the local post office official carrying it out for me. Apart from being a bit wrinkly like my 78 year old mum (if one looks closely at the cell pic, which flatters it somewhat), it is still reasonably usable and, if it takes to the air ok I will probably order a fresh version in a bubble wrap packed box instead (even if it means a tad more in parcel cost ;-)

Having got my minor quibble out the way, I must say the cutting and finish is magic and would appreciate any RC Groups leads to folk who have experimented and had fun out of their Baby Cats. I have a 200 watt Dualsky set up just waiting to be fitted."

Despite the mini set back, enthusiasm for the project remains and the little jet just looks a twinkler, standing still.
The cutting and finish is immaculate and the Depron parts come with four carbon tubes and two mini snake pushrod set ups- not bad for US$29. The web site offers a range of different colour combinations, as well:

Other links on the same and similar subjects:



Equipment layout certainly simple......

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