10 September 2007

Simon's long lost model retrieved at last

A Cliff Watching novel, By Ileined Dover !!
I lost the plane on the 25th of February!

Took 1.5 hours to get up, very steep, the grass was long and flat and you slid on every step, it was strange, it was just like walking on ice. Half way up there is a steep rock cliff. Lots of loose rocks, every step had to be checked. Bruce and his wife, Rose, came up with me, with their 2 dogs. I found it as per the pictures with the port wing in the ground.
I could clearly see from the Microlight that the glider was hanging inverted in the trees. It had then fallen and landed on the wing tip, also causing the fus to crack behind the wing root. Infact the only damage from the actual crash was a hole in the starboard wing tip, from the tree on impact the rest of the damage was from the fall. The top of the cliff was covered in nettle's, 3 types were available for you stinging pleasure, a small twig, a waist high bush and a tree!! I managed to get touched by all flavors on the way through, and then proceeded to slid down the cliff towards the plane only to fine out I was heading for all three types, in a clump, grinning at me, I made a full and yelping contact with said obstruction.

Dismantled it, wrapped it up, and it took a 30 minute slide down the cliff.

All easily repairable.

When I got home put in a new battery and all working fine.

Well worth getting, BUT I knew were it was.


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