17 September 2007

Team Winston checks out Derek's Dale - Sunday 16 September 2007

Team Winston's John Coulson and Brand Conlon assembling their Graphite 2M and Toko. Third slopeateer Paul Paul Boswarva getting the low down on the area from Dave.

Team Winston almost ready but Andre Leusch playing safe and not assembling the Sharkie till he sees wot all the fuss is about.

Wind protection the order of the day - Dave had quickly decided sloping in drizzle was a preferable option to RC Cars in drizzle, fortunately the rain held off at the slope.

Brad fired up to get going......

Rob Pirie showing the latest style on landing approaches for good pics - hard on crunchies, though.....

Paul on landing approach with the slippery Banana 60 inch.

The windblown smile says it all......

Roving photographer Rob shown the old school neck strap approach.

Paul about launch Brad's screamingly fast 490gram ballasted Toko.

West slope view over Inanda dam.

The motley crew, John (Graphite), Andre (Sharkie), Brad (Toko), Dave (JW) and Paul (Banana).

Same crew with Rob the camera man instead of John.

The wind was helter and landings skelter but quite an enjoyble outing for what was looking like a grisly day. Some testing of a possible F3F course was encouraging. Greg West arrived late and treated us to latest in splat landing approaches......

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