09 September 2008

Key Ridge slope

Late afternoon flying the Weasel

Directly in front of the slope ie . the general flying area

Sunset over the hill

Hometime - its easier coming down than going up

South side of the slope towards Summerveld

We share our slope, no problem

Bradley being buzzed by his mates glider

View of the N3 highway going south over Key Ridge

The slope face, from the bottom

General flying area in a NE wind

Sunset over the hill, taken from the top of Key Ridge on the N3, heading south.

Dont land here, land further back where there are fewer rocks

Car park, next to the trig beacon. Only just accessable in a 1400cc front wheel drive sedan.
Access road vey rocky and rutted.

Bradley having fun of another kind. He also flys r/c and is the owner of the EPP Windrider Fox I mentioned in my July blog post about Key Ridge.

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