01 September 2008

Springfield Chickens out and about

Nix wind from the coast to Howick and a howling gale at Karkloof Country Club saw a scramble back to an empty Summerveld, yesterday. The mid day to afternoon breeze provided some useful slope lift for the high launching electrics. Sheldon's two metre thermaller almost got away on Russ's hand toss! The highlight was two ROG winch launches with Russ's Ash, a craft more used to the slope but coped immaculately with the winch launches. Maybe a hint that there could be a flat field Sungazer as well.....? ;-)
It was first time out for Sheldon's Cumulus XXL, after losing it in the bush for a couple months at a Noodsberg event. After some head scratching on the programing, the issue was merely a lose flap, sorted by Seano. Dave and Sheldon enjoyed some flight time on the sweet flying model.

A rare shot of Andre Leusch flying his 2.5 metre thermal electric at Summerveld.

Sheldon with his foamie, grounded by the pleasant breeze.

Below that, Dave holding Russ's Ash pre the rise off ground winch launch. The Ash behaved impeccably.
Neil and Sean Oellermann were armed with three electrics, including this smart Pelican Pike. Their little EHawk 1500 stole the show, though. Strangely, Neil turned down the offer of a swap for Dave's E Mouton..... ;-)

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