24 October 2008

Can you spot the differences

Old Prepatation Piet up in Gauteng is testing my aircraft identification skills once again on the BERG blog, but this time he is adamant that I am wrong and he is right. He posted a picture of a glider dumping its water ballast, and I correctly identified it as a DG LS10. Piet reckons its a LS8, because, according to him, only the LS10 has upturned wing tips.

Can you spot the difference - First, the photo that started it all!

Two more of a DG LS10

And now two of a LS8

Maybe I should send Piet to an optometrist - I just happen to know one that practices in his area.


Piet Rheeders said...

Hi Glen,

Man you have a good eye for a glider I hope you Sharkies can also play a good game of rugby tomorrow but this time I am on your side and I hope you ouks down there give them bulls a dam good hiding.
Ps Now I owe you anther beer and I don’t know what airie to show you next but I need to wipe that 0 out

davedurbs said...

Good one, Glen, interesting little compo tween u and Piet. Cheers