13 October 2008

ETB PSS fest pics from Dennis Bird

After being a late starter, Mike May knocked this up in very quick time for his son for the event.
Mike May's Warthog meanie.

The Springfield legend himself, Pete Milne with the Martin Baker 5, that confused more than a few people....

The Berg Blog well document speedy build beaut from Pieter Rheeders.

There must have been at least half a dozen of these Impala beauties, all built magnificently.

Paul Carnell's yellow beastie.

Chris Adrian and Johan with one of the quite a few versions of this low, swept wing versions.

The up country slope mecca, known as Tamatjieberg.

There are already some nice pics on the Berg blog and pretty sure that ETB will soon folllow up with a report and the large group pics.....

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