19 January 2009

Maiden of the cross tail Prodij - Chapter 1

The cross tail Prodij (pardon the glare) after the maiden between the mist and showers at Derek's Dale on the weekend. The fin and rudder unashamedly cribbed from the Middle Phase (always been a Foss fan) but Dion reckoned it was the worst he had ever seen - just no accounting for taste, I guess.... ;-)
What a sweetie to fly (but I guess same for the V) and only two peeps of up trim needed (the substituted more clunky PCM receiver moved the CG from 73mm to 71mm). Tracked so true - these Aeromod planes are stunningly well designed and made. Would never have believed one could shoehorn four micro mini servos, a ten channel receiver, five cell 1100mah pack and 440 gram ballast in to that sleak little fuselage.
Never been impressed with spoileron braking until using these 30% flaperons - plane went from 40 metres to zero so quick on the first landing, there was almost no flare out time.
The elevator was straight "shadow projection" of the V tail to get down to the right size and was viceless.
Light conditions so stayed with 150 grams ballast, dying to see the 440gram sled in business.
The red / white tail combination was chosen for visibility and stuck out like the proverbials. Red will be added to the tips to achieve the same as the murky conditions blended the wing just a tad too much.
Of interest to those slopers who habitually only fast charge planes at the slope, the Nosram five dumpy cell 1100 mah (now coming out in 1600 mah) receiver pack comprises fast charge nimh and is specified to be charged at 1.2 amp. The pack also balanced the plane as above without a single gram of lead added and was siliconed in for security.
Eish, why was this not finished two years ago.....? ;-) Chapter 2 will be Le Coquillaj when a suitable receiver is sorted.

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glenglider said...

Hi Dave
Good luck with the compo in the Cape - Hope all goes well and that you do us proud - no pressure! Remember to take photographs and post them here.