03 February 2009

cell phone taster from Toss 2009 slope experience

The Toss-ers Red Hill view toward Simonstown for the entire weekend, what a blissful pleasure......
The club hard core, Theunis, Georg with an E, Steve, Kev and Jeff welcome the Durbanites with breakfast at Dixies and discuss prize allocations before accompanying us up the slope, joined by Gus and Bill, to help through the Friday practice session - the hospitality unwavering through the three days. The whole team lept to the rescue when yours truly launched Prodij with ailerons reversed. Gus Thomas joined us on the hill and was one the Dixies watering hole stalwarts.

The early team assembling the Clowns banners at the car park in the morning.

DMAC's man Russ Conradt at first practice session, starting with the Dion Thompson Wasp mini plank foamie that proved an ideal taster for the slope.

The entire mob enjoying dinner at Dixies - now that is a clubhouse venue with a difference!

The view from launch area back to the landing zone - initially tentative on landing, the Durbanites were soon plonking on top of the bushes with them all. An amazingly successful system and we saw no competitor landing breakages at all, over the entire weekend.

Toss's iron man Bill Dewey, with a heart of gold - we won't forget these local folk who made us so welcome, ever. Many of the Tossers are not mentioned in this brief event taster, but all were magic.

Out of sequence pic but chairman and red wine lover Kevin Farr, who agonised and plotted so carefully for this event along with his backbone team with the result that there was not one solitary glitch. How anyone will ever top this event.....?

Contest action with two pilots up at a time and alternating the sequence. Judges Andy Anderson and Johnny Calefato offered much guidance during the breaks, along with chief judge John Lightfoot. We really had a good chat with Johnny and John about the old days, at the Dixies Dinner on Saturday evening. The two man up system was flawless and the only way to go, aspiring slope contest folk take special note.

Flightline action with Malcolm about to land and Theunis getting ready to launch. Given his short learning period, Theunis really impressed as a newbie aerobatic flyer. The sixteen competitors were truly blessed.

Kev calls for Malcolm whilst the judges look on.

Grant's impressively bedecked flying hat. Grant was one of those who lead us astray on the unplanned and very late but excellent Friday night Dixies thrash......

The well stocked feeding tent with the impressive Toss logo and Rose giving us her customary smile. Rose hung with us at all the Dixie gatherings, along with hubby Jeff and son Nick - nice to see such family involvement.

Well organised so that all pilots were on separate frequencies but Toss discipline was such that the neat peg board remained in use.

Special mention for friend Grant Lyle at Fragram Tools who has supported many of soaring events and put up this box of well appreciated doodads which were included in the pilot goodie bags chock full of caps, stickers (thanks Russ) and welcoming letters.

Some of the pilots waiting for the final crunching of the results - what a backdrop for three whole days!

The humongous floating trophy with the very, very special top three place trophies. The two Toss logo wine backs (with wines) were awarded to the surprised and grateful Durban pilots. The champagne went to the judges and each and every participant received a magic prize bag of goodies, in addition to the afore-mentioned pilot handout bags. Kevin had a local sponsor list as long as his arm - man, but these Cape folk are generous.

Another close up of the top three overall trophies - wow.......

The top three folk with their planes and trophies - Steve, Mark and Damien. Steve has to have a special mention for sparking the Friday night thrash, letting us get him completely vrot and being fragile for the rest of the weekend - did not hamper his flying one little bit, that Opus was really something. Mark kept up the interesting chat with us during the event and Damien was always Mr Cheerful.

Our oh so special view from the car park, unchanged for three days. Russ kept up the Springfield DMAC side with an excellent fourth overall and top dog in the Half Pipe third round. Your's truly had a shaky but enjoyable time with the Prodij and was not unhappy with ninth out of sixteen.

A full visitor view will be added to Kevin's fuller nuts and bolts report, in due course. Russ also has a DVD full of pics to add to this blog. We are both out of superlatives for this awesome events, except to say:
Added: the event results now online on the club web site:

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