16 February 2009

Change of pace from soaring

Mark, Stan and Dave had just finished some early Saturday morning parkie flying when Stan and Dave were royally treated to some full size advanced heli chopper low level training. Pretty impressive and topped off with the instructor and pupil Nick landing for an interesting chat and tour of the amazingly compact craft.

Stan admiring the full size beaut.

Stan with the parkie heli version - must say this Gaui(?) electric heli performs superbly and looks most unusual with the aggressive landing gear stance.

It had been rumoured that a one kilometre of unused old tar road lurked in the north coast area and Stan pointed yours truly in the right direction to go have squiz. Bordered by too many obstacles for a model aircraft runway and too narrow for a backyard RC car track, as Stan commented, but quite useful and close by for yours truly to test run the odd pack through the Tamiya cars. ;-)

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