20 January 2010

Pete Milne send off - surfer style

Whew, there was a mob, all catching up on some yack yack before the formalities.

Sneaky one of our thermal legend Mike Summers with MB5 above and Kobus in foreground.

Look carefully and you see the circle of paddlers in the sea - spanning generations.

The surfers head out for the closing paddle.

The landlubbers joining in - all go to throw a flower stem in the sea.

Some of Muddlers in attendance, spanning the generations as well. Seano, Michel, Russ, Sy, Kobus, Glen, Andre and John.

John Acutt chatting Merl Milne, Pete's missus.

The were a number of Pete's very special paintings on display, along with PSS models and surf boards. The one at my home was a presentation to yours truly at the 2000 slope races. A painting of the Charlies Rudnick Silver Falcons Impala (the crappy cell pic does it no justice). Charlie was active in F3B and flew the Berg Cross Countries. Tragically died at an airshow when the wing of the Silver Falcon tore away.

The surfers have a gospel of their own and it brought back memories of "Endless Summer", listening to the fascinating tales about Pete from four surfers and two of the grandsons. Kobus kept the soaring side up with an excellent upbeat chat of his own, incorporating some interesting excerts from the bible to illustrate Pete's very special character. The summarised history of Pete is located elsewhere on the blog.
Neat slide show on surfing blog:

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