12 January 2010

The new year with Springfield Chickens

First pic is the year in making Christmas present Spirit of St Louie foamy that flew most creditably on rudder elevator control only.

Second pic is our first Tuesday evening in ages at the pristine Umhlanga college parkie site to start 2010, blessed with perfect weather - Paul on the Rainbow sticks under the watchful eye of the Nelson clan.

Third pic is another magic early Saturday morning session to start 2010. Mike Smith joins the Electron clan, with Mark Phillips holding the little Voodoo Mustang after its successful maiden. This lightweight came from Radio Active complete with 400 brushless at an excellent price and flew straight off with not one peep of trim on any control surface!

Final pic is Russ Conradt's beaut glassing completed Toksix (Toko wing and Phase 6 fuselage) to take on the Tossers at the forthcoming Toss 2010 comp. Turns the excellent Toko wing in to a useful aerobatic machine.

The chickens also ventured out to Summerveld for an interesting first Bill Vos thermal league comp for 2010. No less than 16 pilots competed, unfortunately forgot to take some pics! Four happenings in the first ten days - maybe control line next.....? ;-)

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