24 May 2010

Springfield Chickens out and about at KZN Aerobatics

[pic top - scoreboard up till lunch time]
[pic middle - Neil Allen's impressive F3A plane]
[pic bottom - lunch time chat re provincials]

Rd1 Rd2 Rd3 Result
1 Craig Lipsett 69,7 67,9 - 69,7
2 Simon Nelson - 63,9 61,0 63,9
3 Dave Greer 62,3 65,0 47,0 63,7
4 Ryan Nelson 39,3 45,7 49,6 47,7
5 Russell Conradt 20,0 57,5 17,7 38,8


1 Ian Morris 68,7 70,0 72,4 71,2
2 Arthur Eggar 55,0 62,0 70,0 66,0
3 Alex van der Spuy jr 57,7 59,5 69,4 64,5
4 Johan de Lange 51,5 63,8 64,2 64,0
5 Ben Kohler 56,0 49,4 - 56,0
6 Johan Britz 53,5 51,3 - 53,5

1 Neil Allen 67,4 62,2 70,2 66,7

We were lucky to have incredibly good weather, sunny and calm. We had a record entry, but despite finishing close to 3 p.m. many people just wanted to stay and chat and fly! It was great to have the four glider guiders from DMAC join us. They did very well, even if Dave kept eyeing the thermals he wanted to go off and chase from time to time.
Thanks to Ian Morris and Johan Britz, who joined in the judging. Johan had judged many years ago, and had also learnt from being a scribe at the Klerksdorp nationals. He carried off the task of judging the F3A P and F patterns very well. Ian Morris is also an experienced pattern flyer from many years ago. Both ended up giving scores for each flight within a few points of those of Des.
A good standard of flying all round guys.

Remainder of year pattern calendar:
Note: Events may be on the Saturday or on the Sunday. Confirm with me closer to the date
4 June 26 or 27
5 July 17 & 18th - KZN Aerobatic Provincials
6 Aug 28 or 29
7 Oct 16 or 17
8 Dec 4 or 5

Copied here is an e mail from Simon Nelson:-

Thanks for a brilliant comp guys, it really was huge fun.
Thanks to our supporters, Paul, Mike, and Mark, you WILL be coming to the next one.
Thanks to Neil and the club for having us, you have wonderful set up.
Thanks to Des for his help, and er not killing my caller.....no, I do not want to talk about it, I will be sulking in the corner if you need me

Neil Allen

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