15 October 2010

Springfield Chickens Remembrance Day Fly and Braai

Hi everybody,

I have talked about it, pondered about it, and last night I talked myself into doing it.

"Springfield Chickens Remembrance Day Fly and Braai"

As you are all aware, we lost three special aeromodellers this year in Peter Milne, Arthur Pienaar and Lynn Bowen, it is time to get together and celebrate these gentlemen.

The inaugural event will be held on Saturday 13 th November 2010, Sunday 14th being the backup day, at the awesome "Inanda Mountain Slope Resort" (The Lodge still has to be built, nudge nudge wink wink). This special place has lots of options, the main one being Wow factor and at 2200 feet above sea level, we are a lot closer to our mates! Parking is not a problem and the slope works for just about every southerly direction, how do I know it will blow Southerly?
Pete, Arthur and Lynn will arrange for it to be Southerly.

The drive to to top is a simple one and I suggest that we meet at the Sasol on the M25, Kwa Mashu road at 10 in the morning, the route is on tar (31 km) all the way and very quick.

What do I need to do?
1. Bring a plane, anything that can fly off a slope
2. Bring a piece of your favourite protein to slap on a braai
3. Saama rules say "No Booze and Fly", I know we will save the yellow coke till after we have flown, a big please on this one chaps
4. Bring a chair, preferably with a drinks holder in the armrest
5. And lastly, bring a story that some of us don't know about "The Awesome Threesome"

I need your Cell numbers and if you can notify me if you are in or out, I will supply rolls based on conformation of numbers attending. Please tell a friend, bring family, they will not believe the View, our Blog pictures tell the story, but to stand on the top and look around is something that makes you go wow.

Lets make this special and remember our PAL's (Pete,Arthur, Lynn).
Russ Conradt


Johan de Lange said...

Good plan Russ, I will support you and the other chickens, I am in need of some good slopping.

Johan de Lange

Johan Moelich said...

I'm there! Let me know if I can help with anything.