30 August 2010

Third time still lucky at Inanda Ziggy mountain

It took a couple of cell calls from Russ to convince yours truly that it was worth a trip up the mountain for the iffy wind yesterday, but this spot came up trumps again, despite the hazy view and fickle wind. In fact, on arriving home, I was amazed that we had achieved any flying at all!

Russ's new "Shongi" aerobat stole the show but Allan Rumney and Mike also had a ball with their Bee foamy wings and Johan had to be a bit more careful with the Limit EX. All managed some useful flying at various times as the thermals were huge. It was a real chance to try out the Le Coq HLG slopie (in pic behind Allan's foamy glider) in lift with zero wind impact and was easily this light weight's best session ever. This site has potential!

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