18 January 2011

Springfield Chickens at Ziggi-nanda

It has taken a while to pick up on wind forecasting ala the Toss team with Windguru but an early Friday work departure was planned last weekend, based on new found respect for same. It was short and sharp as the Dion's Dive east area of the newly Russ-christened "Ziggi-nanda" delivered some awesome conditions for the test of Russ's rebuilt Shongiloma, before the unexpected approaching hail storm sent us scuttling for cover. The test proved fine, with the best vertical eights your's truly has seen, un-ballasted! The storm had moved on and cleared by the time we gathered at Russ and Mandy's home for a most pleasant braai.

Ryan admiring Le Coqy, wus magic in the conditions.

The wind, as Winguru predicted, switched to a useful SW for Saturday and Dave arrived late to find the mob having had a ball in the smooooth and powerful air. Mark was now fired to take on Toss aerobatics, with some help from Russ, and Dave managed to get in a useful flight each with the Le Cocy and Toksix, before the area completely clouded in (see the group pic completely backed by cloud). Simon gave some good advice on the Toksix settings and Ryan was quite taken with the Le Coqy, which had come back to life with the reinstated 150 grams ballast, which should never have been removed.
Would have sworn the Natal coast was impossible to wind predict but Windguru proving excellent so far:

Here is a panarama video view and the cloud closing in on Dave taking the last flight with Toksix:

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