22 January 2011

Back to El'cheapo foamies

This Saturday morning dawned idyllic for parkie flying (if only your scribe had been awake earlier ;-)
Paul had neatly fitted ailerons and elevator to the little R75 throw glider, now intended for slope soaring. A few adjustments and hand launches off the bank and this attractive little aerie looks a treat for the slope.
Dave had resurrected the Wipeout and replaced the 1800kv Suppo Witblitz motor with the 2600kv version of the same Suppo motor, along with a heavier 1100mah Hyperion lipo. The previously useful UHU hinging had completely broken down so was stripped off and redone, albeit with additional UHU rubbed in to the surrounding surfaces to give more "bite". If unsuccessful in the long run, some other method will be used but just a little heads up for those using the similar method.
Simon did the launching honours and the little model took off as rock steady as always and was obviously more perky, although the zero wind conditions made anything look good...... Possibly a little under propped with the smaller prop but pulled fine through large loops and extra long motor run compensated. The larger battery had moved the CG forward a touch and the dreaded flat spin could not be induced, no matter how hard we tried. Definitely a fun improvement to an already proven combo and thanks to Sy for the quick pic.

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