22 June 2011

Papa Smurf takes in TOSS PSS 2011

The Two Oceans PSS 2011 event was blessed with light to medium conditions on the Saturday for the half dozen combat folk and three Sportsman's Light craft - who each got through two rounds of enjoyable scale type aerobatics. Kev's P38 stole the show as always and it was great fun to call the beastie through his flights as well have Kev's more erudite calling for my own flights with the hastily entered ME109 - thanks muchly to Jeff for sorting the required picture off his Ipad! Anton also benefited from some useful calling and placed his Impala in a more standard part of the sky instead of his normal brush the grass affair, to take second behind Kev.

Sunday started wet but was soon pomping and the Sportman's heavy lads got in to action. Marc's Mosquito kinked a wing and Christo's amazing sharkie P51 slipped out of the flat eight turn, something more tricky than one would imagine. Carlo maidened his brand new Spit and promptly took the win, along with the combat award, for overall honours!

Saturday night was normal pleasant Dixies dinner and Sunday finished at the Pizza Parlour in Hout Bay. Pretty much everyone involved got armloads of prizes, with yours truly also getting a DVD from Clowns and Papa Smurf pressie (thanks Steve ;-) for the traveller award. More detailed info will no doubt emerge from the formal sources but mention must be made of enthusiastic judge Kurt, Sergeant Major Bill and Chairman Christo, ably supported by all the ex chairmen Kev, Steve and Jeff. Clubs in general could pay attention to how this team operates.

Yup, I promised Kev there was no way in hell I would travel down for a Winter PSS event but I am now hooked after my second TOSS PSS event, even promising to drag Russ Conradt down in chains for next year's event, which the team are considering tweaking more toward a festival, than formal compo.

On a more personal note, while many continue to miss these magic events and the very special setting, I can only think about how ecstatic PSS fans Michelle Moratanus and Pete Milne would have been to witness same, so it was special to fly the Michelle built ME109 (thanks Dennis) in action and have also promised Pete (in spirit) that wing man Russ WILL be there next year with one of Pete's specials.

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