04 July 2011

Another fine day at Winston Park slope

Two canterbury Sailplanes Darts, a CS Eraser and Mike Kirby's own design wing. Those Darts really carve up the sky.

A Weasel Pro looking well used - wish I could find mine - she is still lost somewhere on the Winston slope.

Mike de Lange charging his faithful old Brainstorm. Few slopes offer the convenience of park and fly like Winston does.

A Multiplex Easy Glider waiting to get airborne.

A Stargazer, not sure who it belongs to.

More wings, I think these are Windrider Bees.

Michel was also there flying a Pete Milne designed KISS, on loan from Russell - flew it like he stole it!!

My collection, a Windrider Bat, a dream Flight Weasel Evo and a Cavazos Boomerang. The more conventional plane is Alan's CMPro Kunlun - flies beautifully.

Despite what Windguru was predicting, the actual conditions were favourable for Winston slope, so a few phone calls later and 9 or 10 pilots pitched up to the very convenient Winston Park slope for an afternoon of good flying and the usual banter and bs that goes with it. All the usual suspects were there, plus we had three pilots named Mike present which added to the confusion. Late in the afternoon the wind dropped slightly, and the air smoothed out beautifully and the lift was strong and consistent. A great day at the slope, which made the prospect of work on Monday bearable.

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